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Supple Strands Organic Hair Oil 100ml

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Start giving the love and care your hair deserve, with Supple Strands by Abirah Organics®. Keeping your hair Thick and shiny. That's what this oil is all about. 👩🏻

No preservatives or chemicals have been used in the production of this oil. 🙅🏻‍♂️

For long healthy and shiny hair this should be your daily driver. ❤️‍🔥

I've even use it myself. 💁🏻

Hair Fall Solution, Thin Hair Solution, Thick Hair, Shiny Hair

Lab Certification:

Irritation Test: PASSED✅

Sensitivity Test: PASSED✅


  1. -Apply on scalp for 60-90min.
  2. -Cover with Shower Cap.
  3. -Gently wash scalp with water and light shampoo.
  4. -Massage a few drops after washing for an extra shiny look. 😉


  1. -Extra Light Olive Oil
  2. -Argan Oil
  3. -Coconut Oil
  4. -Castor Oil
  5. -Almond Oil
  6. -Jojoba Oil
  7. -Lavendar Oil
  8. -Mustard Oil
  9. -Fenugreek Oil

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